Keeping you safe

Arrival & Safety

Health and safety (sorry!)

We want your stay to be as pleasant, enjoyable and a safe. It has been suggested by the Caravan Club that we should carry out a risk assessment and advise our visitors of our findings and advise, and also the cancellation policy.


Although Long Lane is not a particularly busy road there is a slight hump between the A428 and Covert Farm please keep over as close in to the side of the road as possible and it is recommended that somebody is at the rear of the caravan traffic control.

Entrance Gates

Enter the access code and then you will manually need to open the gates. Having opened the gates please ensure they are pinned back as they are made of steel, and if caught by the wind can do serious damage to humans and caravans.

The farm is a working farm

So care should be taken as tractors, quad bikes and horses may be moving around. Please only approach, quad bikes and tractors from an angle of 45° to the front. Never approach from the rear.

Do not approach horses

Although they are friendly they do spook easily and may kick or bite. For this reason we ask you also not to feed the horses as many of them are also on a diet.

Walking around the farm

Please enjoy the farm walks but We do have a major rabbit problem so keep your eyes open for rabbit holes.
If you have any queries about anything relating to the farm or health and safety please do contact the office on Tel: (01604) 770606

Most important, please enjoy yourself on our Beautiful Farm
  • The pitches are at least 9M wide and are clearly marked.
  • The entrance and exit gates, keypad, handles and bolts are sanitised at least 2 times a day.
  • On the site the other touchpoints of taps, dustbin handles and the Dustbins are sanitised twice a day.
  • We require each Guest to sign the attached Gov document prior to arrival stating they are free from the symptoms and have not been in touch with others with anybody with these symptoms or with Covid in the last 14 days.
  • As the site is so large there is plenty of room to safe distance.
  • Please stay within your pitch marked boundaries.
  • There are no enclosed WC or showers
Other matters for your and other Guests safety and enjoyment

  • Dogs are welcome BUT MUST be on a lead at ALL times please
  • Please do not feed the horses or chickens they are on a special diet.
  • All the electric fences are live and in cases run along the wooden fences and cannot be seen so please keep at least a 1M from the fences
  • The Swings and slides look tempting to little children. Sorry they cannot be used as our insurance does not cover non-family use
  • This is a working farm please be alert for horses moving and keep clear as well as tractors and quad bikes
  • Please do enjoy yourself and the farm walks
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